Cycling Contemplations

Planning Routes in Unfamiliar Territory

Smooth asphalt, low traffic, great views, and maybe a coffee mid-way. That’s all I ask for when cycling, and what I aim for when planning routes. Beginnings were difficult. I tried to guess which way to take, then usually hit potholes or gravel. With time, I collected techniques and tools that feed me the information I need to plan a quality ride.

Strava, What Are You?

Strava is having a crisis. They may not know it. They may even deny it vehemently, but it’s clear that Strava does not know what it wants to be. The really cool features remain underdeveloped, the important, but missing ones, are neglected, while random stuff gets piled on top. Without focus they’ll either sell out or shut down.

The SeaSucker Bike Rack Experience

Cycling somewhere new, away from home, is one of my greatest joys in this sport. The SeaSucker bike rack has been my ally in these ventures, transporting my bike safely over hundreds of kilometers. It’s practical, reliable, comes with a few quirks, and it’s not necessarily something I would pay its asking price for.

Cycling Without Coffee

I have to watch my magnesium. My body tends to get low on it, which destabilizes a lot of organs and makes bad things happen. So what about coffee? The beverage that washes out magnesium? The drink I love, and that is such a big part of cycling culture? How does one ride without it?

Spinning Needs Human Company

24/7 spininng classes via an endless stream of Cyberobics, in fabulous locations, from Malibu through Las Vegas to Miami. That’s the allure of McFit, my fitness studio of choice. But while human-led spinning classes elsewhere are bursting with people, I’m usually sweating in this dark room on my own.